What Our Clients Have To Say

Dear Ian, Thank you for the advice and assistance that Transform People International provided to Deloitte during the formulation of The Distinctive Client Programme. Your team worked in harmony with our own to create a superb result that was visionary yet ultimately pragmatic. A rare combination.

Vice Chairman and Partner, Deloitte LLP

Mark, thank you for facilitating the offsite with my leadership team. Your skill encouraged an openness and engagement that led to a much better understanding of how our team behaves and what we will do differently to be more effective leaders. Feedback on the event was very positive and we look forward to working with you again.

CEO Scottish Widow's Investment Partnership

Thanks to Transform People International and Ronnie Stronge we have had another successful Global Leadership Conference. Your work has truly been transformational both leading up to, during and after the conference. I would like to thank you for the support over the past months - it has been outstanding and worth every penny we paid for it.

CEO, Damco

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help at the conference. You guys really made a difference to the success of the event – a huge thank you! I won’t embarrass you with your scores on the feedback data (you would only ask for higher fees!!!) but you really made an impression on the whole team. Thanks for a job extremely well done – we’ll do it again.

Chief Executive, Global chemical supplier

As UK Corporate Bank of the year 3 years running we have obviously been doing a lot that is right as a leadership team within Lloyds TSB. Getting our top team collaborating effectively for high performance has been helped hugely by our work over that time with Ronnie Stronge and Transform People International whose unique tools and challenging coaching has been part of our success story

Chief Executive Lloyds TSB Corporate Banking

I wanted to pass on my thoughts and some comments with regards to the August Sales Training that took place in Boise last month. Several senior SR’s commented that it was the best training that they had ever had at HP. TPI was excellent – they provide the right mix of theory and practice. The sales remain engaged as we have A PRIORITY presentations already posted on the IPG sales portal.

Vice President / General Manager US at HP

You guys carried the ball and I can honestly say that EVERYONE commented that it was the best such day that we have had! Indeed, we spent a lot of time addressing the “why do you think that this was the case” and your ears would have been burning as, again, EVERYONE commented on the facilitation techniques being vastly superior to those demonstrated by the little company, McKinsey. Ha! Take that Goliath!

CEO, Wholesale and International Banking, Lloyds Banking Group

We made great progress during the two days including agreeing a definition of the team’s overall identity, fleshing out some issue and barriers, and building a high level of buy-in and commitment to building our capability as a leadership team. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the 2 days exceeded my expectations.

Retail Technology Director Lloyds Banking Group

Transform People International takes a more comprehensive look at training and communications than other consultants. They start with developing an understanding of the basic drivers that motivate each of us. They then help orient our programs so that they connect at the most fundamental levels of how we learn and build relationships. Their approach is not only innovative – it’s very effective. It is no accident that they now work with us all over the world.

Public Affairs Manager, Dow – Central Europe

Thank you again for the creative thought, the vision and the ultimate experience. The event was a huge success. It doesn’t get any better when the Sr. VP of the theatre takes aside my boss and my manager’s boss (who was also there) and says “This was brilliant! Absolutely well done!

Senior Director Cisco

I want to thank you for the extraordinary execution of the program. The feedback from both the country management staff and the team accounts has been excellent. A total of 12 accounts from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico have already started the process and 4 accounts from Colombia will start in November. I feel confident this initiative will have a positive impact in the sales force development and in the success of the region.

HR Director, Latin America, Global IT Company

I wanted to see a 'go raibh mile maith agat' (a hundred thousand thanks) for an outstanding contribution to our event. So many people are already talking about it. It is quite amazing.

HR Director, EMEA. Professional Services Company

The Federal Government workshop was one of the most valuable training sessions that I've attended in my 13 years with this organization. I have just had two of the best meetings of my sales career. I listened and got more information based on giving more benefits from understanding the customer requirements. I referenced customer success stories and resurrected a potentially dead opportunity for business. It was excellent and certainly a lot more fun.

Sales Development Manager

Thank you for sending me my profile I found it beyond interesting, I found it amazing and very deep. All this information without too much information provided by me. In my opinion it was the most valuable information that I got in Cancun and it demonstrated to me all the expertise that you have in this field. Thanks a Million.

Director of Marketing

Great note! I have not had chance to do much since the workshop but I would just like to say a huge thank you- you were brilliant! So thanks for your energy, passion, pace, enthusiasm and professionalism and for the enormous amount of work that had very obviously gone into your preparation for the workshop. The materials and toolkit look fantastic and I know what tight timescales you had to work to, to get this ready.

Director at LBG

I am very impressed with all of the team at Transform People. I think that you have a hard task to do but do a great job. I really enjoyed your participation at the Sales conferences. Please transmit to your colleagues my esteem and admiration.

Client Specialist

Thank you so much for what you helped us achieve – masterful!

Managing Director Lloyds Banking Group

Developing our people through transition in our leadership pipeline is seen as key. We have been hugely impressed with the support we have had in content development and inspired delivery from Transform People International who are considered true partners of our business

Head of Talent Development Lloyds Banking Group

I want to thank you and Ian again for two GREAT sessions in Miami. I’ve received so much positive feedback!!! The leadership team and participants found it to be of high value. Gustavo Prieto of Printing Services stopped to congratulate us and mention that their investment in the CABD MCA Programme was a very worthy choice.

Senior Manager HP

The Connections Tool was wonderful.... Ian did a fabulous job. The reviews have been very good.

HP IPG WD Sales & Marketing

When I sent this letter I had some minor fears that it might be considered as black-mailing and spoil our relations. I sent dozens of letters to C-level during my years in Reuters and never used this style. Though in 2-3 days I got several telephone calls from different departments of CB with one question – do I know what happens? Because all the involved departments received urgent requests from the proper C-level manager to confirm their need in new / additional Reuters services. In another 2-3 days all our contracts were signed, stamped and returned to me. This example clearly shows that correct and proper use of the knowledge we got during “Quest for Success” can help to get desirable results ... even in extremely difficult cases!

Sales Manager Thomson Reuters

As your BEST U.S. customer (hee hee), I would like to let you know what a phenomenal job Bruce and Becky did at our training here at Informatica last week. The content was perfectly tailored to the audience, our market, and our goals and objectives.

Senior Director Informatica

Customers with whom we invested the effort to build deeper, trust based relationships not only purchased more products and services from us, but more mission critical products and services. We became a true “business partner” to our key customers, a competitive advantage of enormous financial and strategic value.

Director HP Global services

I just wanted to thank you for a great 2 days, I have to admit the thought of getting up on that Tuesday morning before 5am to catch the train and go on a “course” was not one that sat well in my mind. BUT the course and yourself were inspiring; you really made an impression on me and I thank you for that. I feel those 2 days have taken me out of a “rut” I had gotten into and is making me think in a very different way

RBS Cash Management Consultant

Ronnie was a good speaker and I came to the conclusion that you're amazing, for many reasons! It was a real inspiration watching you and speaking with you. One of my goals for next year is to free myself from worrying about what people think of me! I have a lot to think about following the session, and look forward to bringing about the changes I want to.

Senior Manager at Aviva

The class was excellent. Your ability to effortlessly model the behavior you were teaching while introducing new ideas was fun and fantastic. I especially like the e-learning element inserted in the middle of the class. It enabled us to think on our own but still come back to you for follow up. The graphics and presentation were beautiful and very well done. I think it is remarkable that you are using the virtual room so well for this. I believe you held our attention, gave us the necessary materials, engaged us in discussion, reinforced our learning and left us with a doable call to action—whew! That was impressive!

Learning Programme Manager HP

I have recently been promoted to Area Director, and wanted to feedback that Debbie has provided fantastic support to me in preparation for the interview, and in shaping my leadership thinking. Much of this was done in Debbie's own time, which was above and beyond my expectations.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Debbie as a coach to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership skills, as well as the benefits of LTP.

Regional Customer Service Director, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets